12 April 2010 : YOM HASHOA - ISRAEL - HOLOCAUST REMEMBERANCE - Holocaust Gedenktag - Israel ***NO BELLS No bells are ringing Six million times, There are no chimes Tolling the death-toll Of slaughtered Children and men, There is no outcry Up there In heaven Or down here on earth Which covers it all With a carpet of flowers 'and here,' they say, 'here they lie, and feed proud trees that give much shade and air and life to their murderers.' Spring has come And a baby's heart Forever and ever In its mother's womb Looks up to the sky Through the dark hearts Of red anemones, Up at the blue sky With innocent clouds Like the unborn babe Seeking some answer, Might it be That hell has No home but earth, That life has no meaning, Or that a Jewish hand Must feed many a tree, And red anemones Need the heart Of a baby never born, And up there Is a voice saying 'so be it.' Miriam Martha Hammel - Israel In Loving Memory ***** 27 Januar 2010 - Internationaler Holocaust Gedenktag - 27 January 2010 International Holocaust Rememberance Day *** GS GELBER STERN ORG - HOLOCAUST BEWAELTIGUNG - REMEMBERANCE - "DEUTSCHE SCHULD - DEUTSCHE SÜHNE UND VERPFLICHTUNG" - HOLOCAUST NIE WIEDER - NEVER AGAIN !!!